Welcome to Diablo Creek House Concerts!

Diablo Creek is an eclectic house concert venue located at the home of Pablo Heins and Diana Christ in a secluded neighborhood in Englewood, Florida.  It is our goal to provide an intimate setting for guests to listen to music performed by independent musicians.  We love to share the music by talented musicians who are following their passion.  As we live in a residential community, we make sure that our music is at a desirable level that won't disturb our neighbors and we have added more afternoon shows.

 While promoting the musicians, we also support organizations helping veterans, active-duty military, families in need, and our four-legged friends.

Where friends and music come together...

Diablo Creek is proud to sponsor the Happy Hour Lunch on Tiki Man Radio!‚Äč

Be sure to tune into Tikmanradio.com every Friday at noon! The Tiki Man is playing all new Trop Rock music and we are proud sponsor the weekly Happy Hour Lunch show!

Proud to a sponsor of Trop Rockin' Magazine!

Trop Rockin' Magazine celebrates the people, places, and adventures of the tropical lifestyle.  A fun place to hang out for Parrrotheads, Trop Rock Music fans, beach travelers, and tropical lifestyle enthusiasts.